WordPress Plugins That Internet Marketers Can Use for Benefit

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WordPress offers one of the best ways for any Internet Marketer to build an online business. You'll find that WordPress is very easy to master quickly. It's so easy to customize.

The best bit is that WordPress is absolutely free. Beyond that, there is a vast and varied library of plugins to choose from that will help make your site more functional without your having to spend lots of time messing around with your code (or hiring someone to do it for you). However, working out which plugins you'll need can be challenging. This article will look at some helpful plugins that can be advantageous for business.

Although most people do not have a website on the Internet for the sole purpose of making sales, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin is still something everyone should have. Regardless of what you do online, a site map is essential. If you have a website with many pages, the search engine spiders can use this for navigation purposes. And then, when you change your blog or website by adding posts were taking them away, it needs to be resubmitted to the search engines. This will happen automatically when this plugin is used. You simply make your updates and let the plugins do the rest. You can now do all of your submissions worry free, and not know a single line of code. A great plugin is the FD Feedburner Plugin. There is a built-in feed operating system on every WordPress plugin allowing RSS readers to work. If you have a standard sales page, or a blog that you update regularly, you will probably be more focused upon this aspect of the content; however, a feed still has its place. One of the most popular feed services is Feedburner; it is used just as much as the WordPress feed server is. This plug-in is vital, especially when it comes to feeds. You can actually use this plug-in to actively promote and publish your feed on Feedburner, and you can avoid the coding aspect.

CommentLuv is ideal for any Internet Market using a blog as part of an IM business. Whenever someone leaves a comment on your site, CommentLuv searches their own site for the latest update they made, grab the URL, and then put it into the comment they made. This helps them build back links, which they will be grateful for and it increases the chances that more people will comment on your site. It's a win-win for everybody. CommentLuv also has a paid Pro version if you want more options.

WordPress is quickly becoming a universal website building platform. In the past, it was only used for blogging. One of the things that make it so easy to use is the vast library of plugins you can choose from to add functionality to your site. Internet marketers are sure to find these plugins to be valuable. With a little bit of research you'll turn up plenty more. Remember to avoid the temptation to use too many of them though. There really is such a thing as having too many plugins running.

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